A sterling effort tackling the concept of wine tasting (versus drinking)


a perfect day 🙂

The Wine Wankers

ww 0914 2We still have our training wheels on when it comes to wine tasting, not because we don’t know what we’re on about, but because our wine tastings invariably become wine drinking sessions.  We promise to work on this. We promise to start spitting out perfectly good wine. We promise … oh who are we kidding.

A challenge associated with being sent wine samples is that you have to open and taste them in a timely manner. The wineries that send samples typically do so with current vintage wine, and are generally predisposed to actually selling some of it so they can eek out a living. So in that vein we organised a wine tasting and invited a couple of fellow vino enthusiasts to join us.

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Monday…it has to be simple


Monday is the day I dig out the house after the weekend…collecting stray cups and hoovering up the dust bunnies.

Some times I shop, but generally we eat up what we have. We converted to wholemeal bread over the weekend, so the feedback from packed lunches and dinner will be interesting…

Tonight shall be eggy bread, bacon and beans,(even I shall miss the white bread on this one 😦  Mushrooms for me too (the children wont even try them. grrr).

I shall light the wood burner and put clean sheets on the beds. There is something homely about the start of the week, when we return tired from school and work.

If I get my butt in gear there may be flapjack or cherry buns for supper (and packed lunches), but more likely bananas and custard for them…crisps for me. (hey I am not perfect and need some Mummy time..I might even have a glass of vino when they finally sleep.)

I must make sure I don’t sit down too soon and lose my momentum…

Happy Monday 🙂

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A glass of red wine and some birthday beef :)


41...where did the time go???

41…where did the time go???

Arrghh..it is so long since I have blogged I am now another year older. Time is flying faster than ever, but cooking is still a priority.

I love quiet parties..so it was just the 6 of us. Myself and my 5 favourite loved ones.

It is easy to overcomplicate celebration, so I was gentle with myself..(sort of.)

There was wine..obviously…and beef, which I never thought I could cook well. But I liked the idea of hot sandwiches and cold sides and plenty of chips 🙂 (all hail the Actifry.)

It must of being a birthday blessing, I managed to cook 3 pieces to cater for all, one well done, one medium, one rare. More luck than practice, but easy and care free….the cake was provided by my Love and I think we all ate well. We took photos..Never let teenage boys be incharge of a camera lol.) and made more memories.

Simple things make me smile.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy day..it was.

And now well pjs, a beef salad, the last glass of wine and an early night….I am getting old after all 🙂

love and hugs

Sky @www.thesideplate.com

The depression cloud is lifting and I finally feel like cooking again :)




Well, it’s been a while. A bit of a rollercoaster ride, but thankfully the downs are being exchanged for ups, and life seems like fun again.

Obviously we have been eating, just not as well as we used to. There have been too many fish fingers, a lot of roast chicken, (the smell always cheers me up.) and quite a few pizzas. On a plus note my daughter has developed a passion for spaghetti bolognaise, my son is still to graduate to having spaghetti actually in a sauce..but he is getting there, (slowly).

A few days ago I fancied a curry. Indian food is not something I generally cook, but decided to give it a go.

It was amazing….simple, delicious, even healthy! And that was it…I remembered how much I loved to cook…I found a missing piece……..Hello kitchen…hello world…I am back 🙂

Love and hugs….

Thanks for reading

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

I cook when I am happy…

I cook when I am happy…



I’ve missed you…I’ve missed me too.

Life as been a bit crazy with too many stupid things. I now know I cook when I am happy…and struggle when I am not. We have been content with the humdrum..fishfingers..chicken…sausages…pizza…but no pushing of boundries…no getting my Bubs to taste spaghetti carbonara…chicken pie and minestone soup.


Food is a funny thing..If we can find the time and energy to create..sit at a table, eat and chat …then I think to world is a better place.

I am going to put the breadmaker on (not literally lol )…make cannelloni…and venture back into a wonderful world of delights…


keep smiling and thank you for reading

love Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com