Dinner and a new recipe


Dinner was not what I had planned yesterday. But they say everything happens for a reason, and so a new recipe was created.

I will be honest, chicken wings are not something I would usually buy, or choose to eat. I have been known to steal the wings from the Sunday lunch bird occasionally, but I stay well away from the dry and tasteless offerings that usually grace party buffets and funeral teas.

But on this occasion fate intervened, and after a visit to a local butcher to buy chicken livers to make some pate, I discovered as they say on a popular drinks advert, I had been given wings. To be honest if this had happened at the supermarket I would have probably tossed them in to the deep freeze where they would have stayed for eternity or donated them to next doors cat. but these wings were different…they looked bigger than you would find in a plastic supermarket tray. They looked meaty…they looked like they had potential.

I do find that most poultry offerings benefit from a marinade so on a perusal of my cupboards I dug out the maple syrup, found a little wine I was willing to spare, chucked in some seasonings, and gave it a bath…the results were so good I went and bought more. I will warn you, once you have made these, you will never buy ready made ones again.

maple chicken wings can be found in my recipe pages

About Sky Bendelow

Mother, blogger, writer, artist, food lover, cook, wine guzzler, educator, student, believer that everyone should have the chance to learn and discover their unique talents (preferably before they are 40, but I got there in the end.) - Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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