New year….New recipes


New Year…New recipes

To say my son is  a fussy eater would be an understatement. But like most kids he will gobble down chicken nuggets and chips without a word of complaint. Oh my, how it drives me crazy the amount of lovingly prepared food he will refuse to even try…if I were offering up boiled sheep’s brains with spaghetti I could understand. But I generally save that for the grown ups menu (only joking honey don’t worry).

So with the New Year and good habits in mind I am trying to revamp the chicken nugget, and so far its not going to bad…..he tried one, my daughter and I wolfed the rest, they were delicious. They are still a work in progress, I aim to get him to eat two next time, but hey at least he tried.

The recipe is below if you would like to give them a try. They are also delicious with sweet and sour sauce and rice for a healthy quick “takeaway”.

Happy eating
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8 chicken thighs, trimmed (and bashed out flat if you are feeling that way out)
1 tub of butter milk or natural yoghurt
1 tsp of garlic granules
½ tsp salt
½ tsp white pepper (I use white because they cant see it – sneaky mummy!)
1 small packet of panko breadcrumbs

Mix the seasonings into the buttermilk then place in a dish with the chicken and leave to marinate. The longer the better 24 hours is ideal.

Remove the chicken from the buttermilk and dip into the breadcrumbs…..if you are gentle they should stick.

Shallow fry the chicken in two batches until the breadcrumbs look golden, then remove and place on a baking try. Pop in the oven for 20 mins on about 220..Like I say its still a work in progress.

Serve hot with homemade oven chips.

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