A Famous Five tea…


A Famous Five Tea…

Friday afternoon, and after the first week back at school and work, I think I can safely save we are all feeling knackered (if that’s not too impolite :s). I truly cannot be bothered cooking, but obviously we need something to sustain us through our movie night.

What could be better than a “famous five tea”?

In our house this consists of triangle sandwiches, an assortment of beef, peanut butter and nutella..Not all one sandwich I hope you understand! Sausage rolls, hard boiled eggs, a token apple or two, and cakes made by my daughter…because she watched junior bake off last night and is now practising for “when she is bigger” bless her heart.

It will be eaten on a rug in the lounge…(possibly out of the old picnic hamper that has never been on an actual outdoor picnic as its too big and heavy to carry). Drinks shall be consumed through paper straws, although it may be apple juice for the children.
I shall be enjoying lashings of Fentimans ginger beer!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading..

Sky @ thesideplate.com


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