Food & passion…


It is a long time since I attended school, where the careers officer suggested I went into nursing or be an office junior. If only we had been taught the wonders of proper cooking, and how much pleasure could arise from eating a well-prepared dish.

I wish I had been cheeky enough to send this letter, instead of a list of qualifications. Surely passion is a far better tool than an ability to pass exams?

Now I am older, and maybe a touch wiser, ( and too old to be an office junior.)I actually posted this piece to a prospective employer…

Is it a CV you are requesting? Or can I invite you to enjoy a moment recalling an unforgettable delight?

What is more fantastic? A recollection of the dance between tender beef, voluptuous fungi and a cheeky piece of pancetta, can we rejoice in remembering their collusion, as they swam in a sea of perfect gravy, accompanied by silky smooth shallots…their only aim to reach an island of creamy potatoes and soothe your soul. Are you wishing that I tantalise your taste puds with my flawless recipe for the dessert that followed…and made a wonderful meal feel that it was concluded by heaven itself. My crème Brulee sporting a glorious golden halo…or are you longing to hear that I have 8 gcses, which I sat so long ago I can hardly remember what MC squared equals?

And on that note..I better go make dinner. I suddenly feel hungry 😀

Follow your dreams and eat well,
Best wishes
Sky @

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