Chinese New Year 2014


Chinese New Year 2014. A favourite celebration.

I absolutely adore Chinese food, and it is something I never tire of…So much so, that when I was a young girl tucking into my bowl of sweet & sour chicken and noodles. I declared my ambition to marry a Chinese chef who was a millionaire…my mother was quick to point out if I married any millionaire, I could hire a chef. It turned out I did neither, but the first cookbook I ever bought was the Hamlyn All Colour Chinese Cookbook. (I still have it.) And on receiving the keys of a slightly dodgy and incredibly small flat, I cooked up a feast on my one working gas ring.

I still remember the night when I was about 15, and my parents were celebrating something or other. We went to new local restaurant and it was Chinese New Year. Oh what a night. A true feast of delights, we ate until our tummies were fit to burst…and then some more. A stunning Chinese dragon danced its way through the diners into the chilly night air. We all followed in high anticipation.
Now if you have never experienced Chinese firecrackers, they are fantastically extreme. I don’t think I have ever heard anything quite as loud in such close proximity. I am guessing the guy stood near who decanted his glass of red wine down the front of his shirt hadn’t either….

Tonight I shall be cooking my favourites of homemade prawn toast, a tender beef Cantonese, and a special curry, their of course will be rice and noodles…the prawn crackers will be shop bought ones..I once tried to make them, but they were rubbish and I nearly burnt the house down.

Happy New Year

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My very first cookbook @

My very first cookbook @

Chinese cookery books

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