English Rugby and a Dinner to soothe the soul


Oh dear…judging by the expletives emanating from our sofa, we won’t be wanting to have a French inspired menu this evening.

So what is suitable for a cold English winter’s night when the rugby is on? The wind is blowing so hard at the door I think it may enter and join us for dinner.

At first thought,  I am struggling to think what is a true English dish, but I think I am taking our great British cuisine for granted. Yes if you ask folk what their favourite Indian, Chinese or Italian (lets avoid France for the moment.) dish is …they will easily reply. How lucky we are that we have such a fabulous platter to choose from.

It is often popular to be disparaging about English food. However, if it is well made, we have some amazing dishes, and many which are perfect on a cold winters night.

I am spoilt for choice after a visit to a gem of a farm shop I was lucky to uncover a few weeks ago. Bolstermoor  Farm is truly  hidden if not windswept gem. The wind was so fierce up there today that everyone in the car park had a horizontal hairstyle :D.

I came home with a clutch of delights, juicy chicken thighs, succulent pork steaks, handsome sausages, experimental pig cheeks and a pound of tender lamb mince. The possibilities are endless. Juicy roast chicken, with a slice of stuffing and cranberry stuffed into a bap (I daren’t offer a baguette lol).  Bangers and mash smothered in rich gravy,  a shepherds pie made with local ale would be fit for a king.  Pork steaks pan fried with a splash of cider and a plate of bubble and squeak or a slowly simmered casserole topped with dumplings.

Either way I had better crack on….I think we may need to something to soothe the soul when its all over….I may even need to make a pudding.


Good luck England

From Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

#rugby #nomnom

About Sky Bendelow

Mother, blogger, writer, artist, food lover, cook, wine guzzler, educator, student, believer that everyone should have the chance to learn and discover their unique talents (preferably before they are 40, but I got there in the end.) - Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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