How many cookbooks??


1618508_1422349898005856_731615442_nHow many cookbooks??

Its national library day, I have to admit I don’t use ours enough. We live in a very rural area, so have a mobile library that visits us once a week. Obviously it has a limited range. I need to get my children into borrowing books…we already own far too many. They are loathe to part with any to make room for more. I wonder where they get that from?? Lol.

I adore books. I did buy a kindle in the hope that would put an end to my physical book addition, alas it didn’t work. You can’t beat the smell of a new book. If I ever get to heaven I am pretty sure it will be book lined. As for cookbooks, well I definitely like them in the physical version. You can tell my favourite ones, they have a splodge on the corner of the page…or a greasy mark on the cover, (normally I am so very careful with books…but cook books are my work tools).

I own far, far too many cookbooks. And in reality I cook very little from them, but I do like to use ideas and concepts to create new meals. I think over the last decade cookbooks have gone from simply being a collection of recipes into glossy indulgences. I must admit I have bought several where the recipes just don’t work or are not that great. More a book of celebrity cover shots. I have bought ones that are such epic tomes, that I could cook a new recipe a day and they would outlast me into old age…I even have books with recipes for slow stewed teal…. which to be honest will probably never be tested.

How many books are too many?? I guess if you are like myself, that still has unpacked boxes of books, simply because I have nowhere to put them, that may be too many. Maybe I should support my library more, and just buy the ones I feel I cannot live without (dangerous concept, I fall in love with books easily). Maybe I should read the ones I have from cover to cover, there must have been a reason I felt I must bring them home. One thing about borrowing books is that it focuses the mind to at least give it a good looking over before it’s returned. I will try to be good. I promise….but surely there is no such thing as too many books??

Happy cooking and reading

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  1. I own too many too but I love every single one of them! We moved last may and I’ve just found a box in the garage full! I dont use them as much as I should but I think I might just start trying out a new recipe once a week! I also have a folder full from borrowing books from the library and scribbling down interesting and much loved ones!

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