Pie..on a friday?? #nationalpieweek


Pie..On a Friday?? Why not?

Apparently all blogs and tweets that are posted on a Friday dinner time sink without trace…so I might just be writing this for me, I am going against lots of Friday night rules.

Friday would usually be fish, or pizza..Or if I am really lucky Chinese takeaway. The main reasons for these choices is mainly because I’m lazy..and done in by Friday teatime. This week however I cooked a roast midweek, and we have leftovers. And I am told its National Pie Week.

So here it is….I have fried some onions, carrots and thyme…Chucked in some wine, added some cornflour and a splash or good old Lee & Perrins.

Now it’s cooled I have added the leftover roast pork, alongside its cider jelly..(Too good to waste) I am going to give it a puff pastry hat and whilst its cooking I shall chuck in some roast potatoes.

I have a naughty Friday rule..We don’t have to have veg…but we can have pudding.and DVDs before bed..oh and a glass of wine.

So Yay for Friday..My lazy day….dinner will be fab or rubbish. If I don’t sink without trace I shall let you know.

Happy Friday and #nationalpieweek

Lots of love

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

Pie plates..if you need some 🙂

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