It’s a life lesson…


It’s a life lesson…


I always make a proper roast on a Sunday. I have had the odd occasion where I decided not to bother, but it doesn’t feel right. I love it too much…the sneaky glass of wine whilst prepping the veg, picking herbs from the garden, listening to the radio, the delicious smells. Everyone popping in and out of my kitchen pinching tasty titbits, fighting over who gets to lick the spoon.

There is a lot of chat about eating together as a family, We are a bit of a disjointed family..Sometimes just 3.sometimes many more. I like to think whoever sits at my table is family. A lot of focus is put on the meal, but it’s not just the food that is important.

I know I have said this before, but even if you are just sitting down to egg and chips it is important to sit together if you can.

It’s about learning manners, sharing, no mobile phones (yes, you can live without them for an hour). It’s about talking; it’s about being responsible for nurturing others (I expect just as much from the little ones as the big).

It might mean more to me that others, my son has aspergers, and sometimes needs a little encouragement in the use of a fork and actually eating. I feel supported around my table. My little community of love. A small triumph at the end of the week, where we all get a chance to catch up and make sure everyone knows we are there for them.

I am old fashioned I guess. I like proper napkins and sauces served in bowls. I am not posh or glamorous, but sometimes I think a little bit of ritual help it feel like home. I love that our kids help dish out. I love that they ask to leave the table…and no matter how much they think its funny, comedy burps have no place in my kitchen lol. I hope they are learning to enjoy food, and company, and real life, interacting with each other and hopefully having fun…

There is so much to be learnt around a table…

Happy Sunday

Best wishes

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.comnapkins…I love em..

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