Everything in moderation…including moderation…



I really must cut down…

Don’t panic I am not talking about eating…everything in moderation..including moderation is my motto.
I am referring to the amount of food I buy, and I am ashamed to say there is usually some waste each week. This has to stop.

I am in the process of producing a book on great food, no waste. However, I find because I am cooking and writing for other projects I tend to over buy. And spend a small fortune 😦
So next week I am going to cook only from my freezer. I am ditching the supermarket. I do not have a supermarket nearby so tend to bulk buy…but the cupboards, fridge and freezer are full. So it must stop.

I am lucky enough to have hens…and at the moment a crazy amount of eggs…so for breakfast, gone are the cereals and pain au chocolate….here is the new pancake, omelette, egg and soldiers breakfast menu. ( I am gonna have to drag my ass out of bed earlier lol).
We will be eating less bread..more rice,pasta and potatoes.

We will have puddings instead of suppertime biscuits…or homemade cookies like last night ..yum.

I will visit the farm shop for a little veg, fruit and milk. Obviously a wine shop for my treats :). there is a cheese shop not far that I have never been to.

I promise next week I shall be less lazy, and quite possibly healthier, and definitely richer.
Tonight I shall start by making my own Beef Cantonese with rice….no takeaway menu required 🙂

Happy Friday…and thank you so much for reading

Love Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

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  1. It’s a great idea to moderate! I too am guilty of overloading fridge, freezer and cupboards…..sometimes we can just have too much and it’s prudent to use what we already have before re-stocking.

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