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The perfect destination for my incredible journey



I have to say the best days @ involve consuming the food that other people have made. I absolutely adore cooking, and some people may even agree I’m pretty good at it. However, this does make me ever so picky when I eat out. Be it a breakfast, lunch or Dinner. I need it to be at least as good as I can make at home.

I think we would all agree that we have had to tighten our belts a little recently (money wise I mean, jeez definitely not waist wise…that’s more of an expansion thing) So when we do part with our hard earned cash I think we need to get something worthy in its return. And I can happily say one of the first things I noticed on my first visit to the Bolster Moor farm shop was how reasonably priced it was.

I will be honest, when my partner heard I was going to take a road trip that would end in the consuming bacon and sausage butties, he offered to drive. I am glad he did. My ability to follow directions and not actually reaching my destination are a great source of amusement to my family and friends. And I have to say it wasn’t the easiest place to locate, but Wow, it was worth it. And judging by the amount of folk up there on said Moor, I am not the only person to think so.

There was a queue to be seated, but we didn’t wait long, and I have to say the staff were incredibly welcoming and polite. Once we were settled we had a tough choice to make. We had arrived very late morning, so I almost wavered in my menu choice…it ALL sounded so good. However I had come on a mission…to try their award winning bacon sandwich (BBC Olive magazine 2013).

We decided to truly put them to the test and adored a sausage bap too (you can now see what I mean about the waistline…although for the record it wasn’t me that also had a Florentine!!) We also sampled their Café Ology coffee.

It is possibly wrong how thrilled I was by the coffee arriving not only bearing a complimentary fairy sized shortbread, but also a jug of cream. You would not believe how many outlets only provide milk. The coffee was divine…possibly the best I have been served in the UK. The shortbread was a perfect mixture of buttery, crumbly excellence. And then the sandwiches arrived….

So many places make rubbish bacon sandwiches…Bolster Moor is not one of them.

The bread was a soft, but not too soft, a white bap (breadcake, barm, roll, call it what you will.) The bacon was moist and tender, with a perfectly crispy edge. The sausage had texture and the most fantastic savoury taste. Seasoned to perfection. The fillings actually filled the bread, which to be honest is not always the case at other eateries I have visited. And they were big 😀 . I am sure you will agree at £3.25 for the bacon sandwich and £3.50 for the sausage, they were also great value.

I would love to tell you about the Florentine…. All I can say is I was told it was delicious.

Bolster Moor Farm & Coffee Shop…
Fantastic food, Well priced, Delightful staff.
I shall return.
It was well worth making the trip.

my tastebuds are tingling


Awaken your taste buds…

For some insane reason I decided to give up alcohol in January. Well it seemed like a good Idea in December, when I was discussing it over a glass of wine or three.

Please don’t think I am knocking it, I’m not, I have saved a heap of cash, (always welcome at this time of year.) and I am sure my body is better for it, (although sadly there is no visible difference.) But what I haven’t managed to do is purge the symbolism that I seem to have attached to my wine glass. I know when its wine o’clock I can kick back and relax. Its a symbol of me time in a busy, busy day.

I liked my wine glasses, they were nothing fancy, as I am lazy and tend to stick them in the dishwasher and ruin them. But then at Christmas when this all seemed like a fun plan, I was given the most beautiful set of crystal wine glasses (hand wash only from now on :S ).

Now those of you who have had the dubious pleasure of meeting my good self, will know Sophisticated is not a word that springs to mind should you find the need to describe me, neither is pretentious, posh or classy, however I do appreciate quality…and I am quite picky. I know what I like. So I had the challenge of finding something non-alcoholic, but worthy of being consumed from such delicate vessels.

Oh boy, and believe you me, It is a lot harder than you think. What I call “fake wine” was out; it pretends to be wine without the alcohol…. I found it disgusting and I just wished it were the real thing. The usual fizzy pops and cordials are too sweet for me. Schloer too gassy. Sparkling water was ok, but obviously tasteless, my quest almost drove me to Drink!!

Then I found it; I actually bought it when I was visiting a farm shop. I liked its label to be honest, and was writing a piece about the Famous Five…so I just had to have Ginger Beer.

This was no ordinary Ginger Beer I had found. …This was Fentimans Traditional Ginger Beer. What could be more perfect?

Now this is a drink that is Classy, Sophisticated and Bubbly….it also packs a punch. It was like meeting Dame Judy Dench, then finding out she is also a ninja, Awesome!

This delicious brew is as far removed from a chemically flavoured, carbonated beverage as you can get. It is fresh and vibrant, but not over powering, with just the right amount of bubbles to put a spring in your step. It has a history (it tasted so good I even visited the website to find out why.J ) It has charm, you can taste that it has been made with care. Apparently it is good for you, (although it tastes so heavenly you wouldn’t know). I read the list of ingredients and I knew what the all were, not a mystery food or liquid to be found. It would be a drink that I would be happy for my children to drink. But to be honest they will have to find it first. (No chance I have hidden it well. Naughty Mummy)

It is so good I will still drink it when wine is freely available.
Slowly slurping from my finest crystal. Pretending that I’m posh.

Cheers From Sky @

Ginger some!

Picture 1819

The Warmest of Welcomes…


The Warmest of Welcomes…

Sometimes you just need a hug. Someone to welcome you…to sit you down and feed you well…I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but this did not happen at my mothers…oh no…it was in the wonderful heart of Ossett, Wakefield. In the Mews Hotel and restaurant to be precise.

OK they didn’t actually hug me, but when I entered this fantastic haven, It felt like they had. They valued our presence. Which is often a rarity in this day and age.

It was busy…I believe it generally is, and I can see why. It is warm, a roaring fire in the corner, and they even have family photos along side some excellent artwork on the walls. It felt like a homecoming.
We were guided to a cosy table, recommended a wine. Offered a splendid selection of bread to keep us going whilst we selected from the menu.
The locals recommended the 12-hour roast pork…. there was no contest. Normally if we step out to review, we order a selection, but on this cold evening, neither of us was prepared to share.

I am showing my ignorance but it was the first time I have sampled a white Rioja, I can honestly say it won’t be the last…it was divine.

I was happy and warm and in fantastic company. What more could I want?? Then the food arrived!

Oh my. I don’t want to ramble, But OH MY. I cook make a mean roast pork, but this was heavenly, crispy, moist, meltingly tender, resting alongside a pillow of cauliflower cheese, mash, carrots, cabbage, (so good I even ate it.) A stunning Yorkshire pudding, and the most delightful roast potatoes I have ever met. The jug of gravy was so good I requested a second!!!

This was truly the most delightful of meals, a little trip to foodie heaven. Reasonably priced, fantastic service…an few hours of deliciousness.

We were so very full, so very was a wonderful evening. We ended up in relaxing by the fire with a glass of Port. Heaven.

Next time I shall try harder, I would love to sample their starters and desserts. I need to cultivate a huge appetite.

Give them a try..I promise you will not be disappointed.

Love from a very satisfied

The Sun was shining in Flockton – a lunchtime review.


There is something special about lunch with a friend. Not a grab a sandwich type of lunch, but a sneaky long lunch that starts at midday, and only ends when you have to collect the kids and make them dinner. The kind of lunch that makes you feel like you are bunking off school (not that I would have ever done such a thing) A lunch where you can gently put the world to rights whilst consuming something delicious that you didn’t have to make yourself.

I had never eaten at The Sun inn, Flockton, Wakefield, before…despite it being stones throw from home, but as I needed to be close by this afternoon, we took a stroll to see what they could offer.

What can I say? I will be honest I wasn’t expecting much, if I had been served a decent sandwich and a cheeky glass of vino, I would have been happy.

I was thrilled by the warm welcome we received In this modern day it is always lovely to feel that your custom is welcomed, and welcomed we were.  A roaring fire,friendly staff and some cheery Christmas music. I was already happy that we had stopped by.

I would have been pleased to have been served a decent sandwich, however as our cheery host showed us to our table, we were told if we required anything from the evening menu, the chef would be happy to oblige.

Everything sounded delicious, but when confronted with Confit duck with Dauphinois potatoes nothing else stood a chance of selection. And oh my, what a choice.

The duck melted in my mouth, the potatoes…. well suddenly I knew why Dauphinois had been created, this was a gratin like I had never devoured before, rich, creamy, soft and with just a hint of thyme. I was in heaven. The vegetables that were served alongside this wondrous creation…well I actually ate them. (Please don’t tell my children I don’t generally eat my veggies when they aren’t there to watch.) They were tasty and cooked to perfection…the veggies not the children.

I will be totally frank with you, I am not sure what my good friend ordered, it was something vegetarian so I lost interest after that, however it did look wonderful, and by the noises of appreciation, and the fact that we both left very clean plates says everything about her choice too.

Will we go back? Oh yes.

Could it have been better? Only if the coffee had been a little hotter and in bigger cups…but the mints, sugar and tiny pot of cream that came with it were a delight in themselves.

Would I recommend it? I certainly would, I can only assume it was quiet because of the lack of publicity or the time of year, so everyone else was out shopping. Make time to visit. It was delicious.

Grumpy??? Not after a coffee.


If you have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting me in a morning, you will know that mornings do not come naturally to me.

I was born an owl and I fear shall always be an owl. Only work and my children necessitate my rising at 8am or before. The only time you will see me joyfully participating in the am hours are the ones that are still attached to the previous evening until about 3am when I am ready to sleep. Maybe I should work a night shift…but having kids makes that tricky. So I try and sleep. Anyway I digress…my point was.if there was ever a coffee with an appropriate name for me it is Grumpy Mule…it is an apt description for myself on a morning.

I have a love hate relationship with coffee. Mainly because most of it doesn’t taste like coffee. The instant drink, in my eyes should be given a different name, as I am yet to find one that has a taste I enjoy. I have graced many a café and restaurant to sample their roasted beans…but alas they tend to fall short, even in the most fabulous eateries. So in a quest for perfection, something similar to the divine cups bought it Italy and France, I purchased a bean to cup coffee machine, and have ground my way through all the top brands and some lesser-known ones.

I can honestly say when I began this quest I did not think I would find the perfect bean in a bag that depicted an amusing mule and a head office in Holmfirth. But the perfect bean I have found. A fantastic range of aromatic and delicious beans are contained in this orange pack of joy. They smell so good I keep a small dish on my desk just to fragrance my workspace. I will not speak to anyone on a morning until I have consumed a cup, and a Mule, albeit a Grumpy one is part of my daily ritual.

How wonderful to find such a wonderful product, carefully delivered so close to home and bearing a name that describes me each morning to a tee.