DSCF4443A vintage lunch…Review

Well a lunch at a Vintage Inn at least.

It was my Loves birthday this week, so we nipped off for a sneaky lunch, a welcome break in a frantic workday. Personally I think it should be law that you don’t have to go to work on the birthday, but unless some freak incident makes me Queen, I guess it shall remain a workday lol.

We paid a flying visit to The Hare & Hounds.


I have to say it is a stunning pub. Although it is a chain you cannot tell by the décor, its homely and eclectic, with real log fires and friendly staff.

I have visited on a few occasions and it doesn’t seem to matter of the day or time..It is busy. But generally you can get a table and you don’t have to wait an age for the food.

It was a Wednesday when we called..Pie day, Pete had the chicken, pulled ham and leek pie. I had a BBQ melt sandwich with salad.

The pie could be ordered with a selection of veg and potatoes. No gravy, but the pie itself was quite saucy. The chicken was succulent and tender. The ham almost non-existent, but delicious anyway. It would have been better if the filling had reached the bottom of the impressive pastry crust. At £8.50 I think it was expensive.

The BBQ melt was fabulous. Not much to look at, but taste wise it is heavenly, it is what I tend to order at lunch. Although I have sampled the belly pork and the risotto, and can recommend both. Again I wasn’t offered dressing for the salad, but it was crisp and tasty and probably didn’t need it. £6.25

We drank sparkling water; I also had a cheeky glass of mediocre Chardonnay.

Pudding was a caramel sundae..Nothing special. The coffee was good and came with cream at my request.

The company was exceptional, what can I say J

We paid just a little over £30.

The Hare and hounds is a lovely pub, I adore the bookcases full of wine glasses, the mismatched chairs, the mixed crowd, and the efficient service.

They seem to have a lot of regulars. Which for a pub that you cant actually walk to shows that it works.

A lovely place for a reasonable and relaxed lunch..What more can you want on a Wednesday?

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

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