What makes good pizza? A review

I have to say I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited to indulge in a pizza tasting by @doughboysleeds . I have never been known to turn down a free lunch. However I will be honest with you, it doesn’t matter if I am reviewing a meal for which I have paid for, or a kindly donated lunch. You are going to hear the honest truth. So…what did I think to my visit to Belgrave music hall Leeds, home of the Doughboys?

First of all the location. What a fantastic concept. A busy mass of happy folk, jostling and joking, bantering and gobbling. A place where age made no difference, from tiny tots to mature would be rock stars they all ate lunch together. This place has it all. Everyone happily sharing squishy sofas and battered old buffets, jackets casually tossed under tables, whilst woolly hats still sat in place. (It wasn’t the warmest place in the world, but then this was probably due to the constant flow on hungry bodies flowing through the door.)

This is a proper meeting place, which quite honestly could have been in any city in the world; it was a transporting place to be. A lively hub of fantastic souls, making friendships, and sharing stories between hastily eaten mouthfuls.

The pizzas we indulged in were
Silvo, a base of fragrant tomato topped with buffalo mozzarella, smoked sea salt and fresh basil.
Woodsy, cured spicy Italian pepperoni, Portobello mushrooms and fresh rocket. Sausage Fest, prosciutto, salami black pepper sausage, caramelised onions and mascarpone,
And finally the comically named but delicious BAA no more, middle eastern spiced ground lamb, pecorino, baby red chard, pine nuts and the Doughboys specially made pomegranate molasses.

Wow is the word that sprang to mind, squashed in a corner perched on a tatty stool I was transported back to Venice. It was wonderful.

True pizza, a crispy thin base, with deeply savoury toppings, and a bubbled crust. I don’t normally eat the crust (don’t tell my mother) but I did that day. There wasn’t a soggy bottom or a cheese overload in sight…just spankingly fresh ingredients, prepared with love and care, by people who know how to tantalize your taste buds.

Each slice was as fantastic as the last. Each a sensory delight. I loved the fact that although the pizzas were already ready to choose from, still hot from the oven, they were hand topped with freshly sliced pecorino, hand torn basil or a flutter of peppery rocket. There was the option of flavoured oil to drizzle if you felt the desire, and a wonderful list of the ingredients telling us just where everything had been sourced.

I honestly don’t know how these guys do this…prices start at just £2 a slice, and it’s a big slice..(I know we shared 4 and I didn’t eat again until supper.) I believe they even indulge us further with a half price slice promotion. Check out the details @doughboysleeds.

My concluding thought on this review is…if you haven’t already paid them a visit, do so, you will not be disappointed. If you already have, then I am guessing you instantly became a regular, I know I will be.

Simplicity is key, I have found my pizza heaven…see you there!

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