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A glass of red wine and some birthday beef :)


41...where did the time go???

41…where did the time go???

Arrghh..it is so long since I have blogged I am now another year older. Time is flying faster than ever, but cooking is still a priority.

I love quiet parties..so it was just the 6 of us. Myself and my 5 favourite loved ones.

It is easy to overcomplicate celebration, so I was gentle with myself..(sort of.)

There was wine..obviously…and beef, which I never thought I could cook well. But I liked the idea of hot sandwiches and cold sides and plenty of chips 🙂 (all hail the Actifry.)

It must of being a birthday blessing, I managed to cook 3 pieces to cater for all, one well done, one medium, one rare. More luck than practice, but easy and care free….the cake was provided by my Love and I think we all ate well. We took photos..Never let teenage boys be incharge of a camera lol.) and made more memories.

Simple things make me smile.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy day..it was.

And now well pjs, a beef salad, the last glass of wine and an early night….I am getting old after all 🙂

love and hugs

Sky @www.thesideplate.com

Computers, cake and chaos…


Goodness me, one windows update, a busy school week and celebration meal and it all went to pot!

I actually prefer the chaos to the calm, as long as I have a back up plan.
My meal plan went to pot this week but after today I shall be back on track.
I don’t need to go shopping for the next week 🙂

It all started with a computer update which seems to have wiped out half of my computer..but where there’s a will, there’s a way..so here I am back at my tappity tap keyboard.

Monday dinner was a fabulous Chinese meal. our usual takeaway was closed (see even that plan went awry).
So we tried a new one and it was excellent…so anyone who lives near Ossett, Wakefield, I can highly recommend The Orient Express.
It was a belated birthday tea, complete with balloons and cake. We finally rounded up all the children, and as it was St Patricks day, I made a chocolate guinness cake.
Wow it was the kind of cake that halfway through making it you think, Jeez this seems a lot of effort (I am lazy, what can I say). but I have to say even without the icing it was divine. I shall post the recipe later.

The rest I guess is just history…tonight’s dinner is a mishmash of pizzas wraps and fries. my boys been on a school trip so we will need to chill. Tomorrow is a little more planned with an easy roast dinner, and pie on Friday…all I need now is to sort out this damn computer.

Cooking I can do….computers..errr not so good.

Lovely to catch up and thanks for reading.

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

There are so many types of cooking I give no thought to…


There are so many types of cooking that I really give no thought to….

But maybe I should, My beautiful boy told me last night that he knew I was a real Mummy because I baked him cake…I am going to bake more lol.

So today I have made an edible gift for my Boyfriends birthday. Florentines.

I will be honest. (I always try to be.) I had never even tried a Florentine before today.

I didn’t see the point, when given a selection of sweet delights to choose from I tend to go chocolate, coffee or carrot. However I am a bit skint at the moment so I got inventive with my gifts. He loves Florentines. They are quite pricey to buy good ones so I began my experiment J

Oh..They are so easy..In fact now I have tasted one (purely to check the quality of course.) I should have made at least double…. and that was before I dipped them in chocolate.

So there you go..I am converted. If my friends are lucky the next batch will be shared around the playground.

Happy Birthday to my Love

And happy Eating to all you lovely people that take the time to read my page…

Love from Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

I shall post the recipe when I return from the birthday lunch…just I case you would like to try