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Monday…it has to be simple


Monday is the day I dig out the house after the weekend…collecting stray cups and hoovering up the dust bunnies.

Some times I shop, but generally we eat up what we have. We converted to wholemeal bread over the weekend, so the feedback from packed lunches and dinner will be interesting…

Tonight shall be eggy bread, bacon and beans,(even I shall miss the white bread on this one 😦  Mushrooms for me too (the children wont even try them. grrr).

I shall light the wood burner and put clean sheets on the beds. There is something homely about the start of the week, when we return tired from school and work.

If I get my butt in gear there may be flapjack or cherry buns for supper (and packed lunches), but more likely bananas and custard for them…crisps for me. (hey I am not perfect and need some Mummy time..I might even have a glass of vino when they finally sleep.)

I must make sure I don’t sit down too soon and lose my momentum…

Happy Monday 🙂

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Children are funny creatures…


Children are funny creatures…

When I was a child you didn’t get a choice for dinner, I think that’s why I didn’t eat much lol. So I now try and get my own kids to eat well and enjoy their food. Preferably without it dictating every meal.

My son has a few food issues associated with his Aspergers, but on the whole both my kids are pretty good eaters. Saying that there are certain meals that should be easy, that get stupidly complicated.

I have worked out the roast dinner….We have meat and if they eat it they can also have a piece of sausage..This is mainly for my son, as my daughter will happily eat anything if it has gravy on it. J however will not have gravy on his plate, but will now tolerate baked beans. Veg there is always a choice. They pick which two spoons to have. We all love mash, yet they don’t like the taste of baked potato!!!

On steak night, we have chips and salad…J s steak goes straight into the food processor for an instant burger, it is getting chunkier each week, but lets keep that a secret.

Pizza…well pizza night is simple …or so you would think.

I personally tend to prefer homemade pizza, if I cant get to @doughboysleeds but when I am lazy or as a treat for the kids. They get a shop bought stuffed crust one. And garlic bread. Also my Friday rule comes into play…we are naughty and don’t have to have veg, although pepper and cucumber slices are encouraged 🙂

Now the problem with the pizza is my daughter loves the crust…and only the crust, and I am not a lover of her leftovers. So today’s challenge is…can I make her just crust. Jeez.

I have the bread maker on to cheat with my dough; I am going to have to experiment with the cheeses. I refuse to use cheese strings, which was her suggestion lol. I want stretch, but no leakage. I have a feeling there might be quite a few good recipes created tonight, and a very messy kitchen. I like that on a Friday…No worries about getting to bed on time, no uniforms to iron, homework can wait another day (or two).

So roll on home time…When we can lock the door, put on some tunes, kick off our shoes (and put my cooking shoes on J) Who knows I might even open a beer…. but most of all we will open up Mammas kitchen, where cooking is fun…and even if the food doesn’t turn out well there is love and ice-cream…what more do we need??

Happy Friday my lovelies…

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Patience is a virtue…


Patience is a virtue.

Life seems to be such a rush at the moment. School runs, homework, my writing assignments and testing out recipes appear to consume my every minute. I think I need to devour a large portion of perspective and step back just a little.

Life is short, and I believe it should be fun. I want my kids to learn that preparing food with love and care are as just as important as sitting down and enjoying a good meal.

As with every new skill, it takes practice and patience, and as much as I want to wrestle the potato peeler from their little fingers, just because I can do it quicker, I know it would be a great injustice. Squeezing orange juice, cracking eggs and whipping cream are all moments of pleasure to them. It is a joy to watch their triumph when their mission is complete.

It is very true that you should never complete a task for your child if you think they can do it themselves. All these little things are just as important as learning their ABCs. In fact there are so many science and maths lessons in a cookery class it makes you wonder why schools don’t teach them daily.

So as my children happily learn to peel and chop and stir (and hopefully eventually learn to make mummy breakfast in bed lol) I will take a step back, enjoy a well earned brew, ignore the mess (more mess arrgghh) and know that they are learning patience, commitment and of course cookery.

I am yet to met a child who doesn’t love to cook. They will get there, they will learn.
Who knows maybe I will learn something too J

Warmest wishes

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