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Can you have your cake and eat it?


Can you have your cake and eat it?

I have to admit I am more of a savoury girl than a sweetie. However some days, especially when there is a distinct nip in the air, and a little bit of blue in my mood…I want cake.

Carrot or coffee sponge would be best; without nuts preferably (It is not that I dislike nuts, in fact I spend a lot of time with them….but I don’t want them in my comfort cake).

Iced or plain, I do not mind.

A little square of sponge that soothes the soul.
A little slice of magic from so few ingredients.

Cake is possibly the nearest you can get to a hug from a food item.

Is it that it reminds us of childhood? Or of Happy Birthdays. Weddings and Christmas…it seems all celebrations should contain cake.

I believe it was Julia Child that said, “A party without cake, is just a meeting.”
And I think we can all agree we need fewer meetings and more Parties.

So I shall celebrate it being Thursday with a slice of coffee cake, just the smell of it baking has lifted my spirits.

I have my cake; I shall take great pleasure in eating it.

Hugs and love

Sky @ thesideplate.com


All things cake

Christmas dinner for two


Christmas Dinner for two

No pressure…but took just as long J

I could not abandon my traditional prawn cocktail. This year it was just some good prawns. Proper cherry tomatoes. Mixed leaf salad and sauce…eaten wearing a silly hat…to be honest it was delicious. I should have stopped there; with a slice of granary bread it would have been enough. But I’m stubborn so a feast followed.

One of the luxuries of spending Christmas without company is you can make just what you want. So this year I broke with tradition and bought a turkey thigh. For the princely sum of £3.95 (I wont lie I have a fully turkey waiting for when the kids come home…Christmas x2, as seems to be the case for a lots of us nowadays) I stuffed it with paxo, butter and cranberry sauce…wrapped it snugly in pancetta and roasted it in white wine. It was awesome even If I do say so myself. We had slow cooked pork in cider too. I have to say from now on my Christmas dinner will feature crackling…the veggies were roast….my partner mashed thespuds for me because he is so much better at it then I ….Brussels with chestnuts..Bacon rolls and sausages, sauce and stuffing. And very lovely gravy made with the juices of the pork.

My only advice on making a Sunday and Christmas dinner is..Buy one of those jugs that’s separates the meat juices (and cider) from the fat, worth every penny for the best gravy.


However you are spending this festive season..Love hugs and good eating.

Sky xx

christmas chutney sort of


I shall be honest I don’t know the technical definition of chutney. In my head it is something that can be eaten with fresh crusty bread, a piece of cheese or leftover roast, at my mothers it was only called pickle.

I have not made a keeper here I have simply used what was in my kitchen to spice up a bit of gammon. Its not exact but if you feel like a bit of alchemy in the fruit department…please let me know how it went.

A large onion, roughly chopped

A splash of olive oil

2 tsp vinegar

7 plums, stoned and chopped, each one into about eight pieces,

1 tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp ground allspice

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

45g of fresh cranberries

200ml red wine

100g sugar

couple of twists of black pepper.


Put in a pan and stir

Bring to a slow bubble, stirring every now and then,

Don’t be alarmed when the cranberries pop.

After an hour it should be ready…if you are going to eat in the next few days, put it in a dish in the fridge, if you want to keep it you are going to have start sterilising jars.


Enjoy…. and let me know 😀