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my tastebuds are tingling


Awaken your taste buds…

For some insane reason I decided to give up alcohol in January. Well it seemed like a good Idea in December, when I was discussing it over a glass of wine or three.

Please don’t think I am knocking it, I’m not, I have saved a heap of cash, (always welcome at this time of year.) and I am sure my body is better for it, (although sadly there is no visible difference.) But what I haven’t managed to do is purge the symbolism that I seem to have attached to my wine glass. I know when its wine o’clock I can kick back and relax. Its a symbol of me time in a busy, busy day.

I liked my wine glasses, they were nothing fancy, as I am lazy and tend to stick them in the dishwasher and ruin them. But then at Christmas when this all seemed like a fun plan, I was given the most beautiful set of crystal wine glasses (hand wash only from now on :S ).

Now those of you who have had the dubious pleasure of meeting my good self, will know Sophisticated is not a word that springs to mind should you find the need to describe me, neither is pretentious, posh or classy, however I do appreciate quality…and I am quite picky. I know what I like. So I had the challenge of finding something non-alcoholic, but worthy of being consumed from such delicate vessels.

Oh boy, and believe you me, It is a lot harder than you think. What I call “fake wine” was out; it pretends to be wine without the alcohol…. I found it disgusting and I just wished it were the real thing. The usual fizzy pops and cordials are too sweet for me. Schloer too gassy. Sparkling water was ok, but obviously tasteless, my quest almost drove me to Drink!!

Then I found it; I actually bought it when I was visiting a farm shop. I liked its label to be honest, and was writing a piece about the Famous Five…so I just had to have Ginger Beer.

This was no ordinary Ginger Beer I had found. …This was Fentimans Traditional Ginger Beer. What could be more perfect?

Now this is a drink that is Classy, Sophisticated and Bubbly….it also packs a punch. It was like meeting Dame Judy Dench, then finding out she is also a ninja, Awesome!

This delicious brew is as far removed from a chemically flavoured, carbonated beverage as you can get. It is fresh and vibrant, but not over powering, with just the right amount of bubbles to put a spring in your step. It has a history (it tasted so good I even visited the website to find out why.J ) It has charm, you can taste that it has been made with care. Apparently it is good for you, (although it tastes so heavenly you wouldn’t know). I read the list of ingredients and I knew what the all were, not a mystery food or liquid to be found. It would be a drink that I would be happy for my children to drink. But to be honest they will have to find it first. (No chance I have hidden it well. Naughty Mummy)

It is so good I will still drink it when wine is freely available.
Slowly slurping from my finest crystal. Pretending that I’m posh.

Cheers From Sky @ thesideplate.com

Ginger Beer..buy some!

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My friday fizz



Friday fizz

 I think I deserve a little treat tonight. It is Friday after all, and I am in the mood for a celebration after working all week on my new blog here at www.thesideplate.com . So I have bought myself a bottle of Tesco Cava. Hey we are on a budget here…the champers will have to wait for the book launch. Will let you know if it hit the spot later. Have a wonderful Friday x