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Pie..on a friday?? #nationalpieweek


Pie..On a Friday?? Why not?

Apparently all blogs and tweets that are posted on a Friday dinner time sink without trace…so I might just be writing this for me, I am going against lots of Friday night rules.

Friday would usually be fish, or pizza..Or if I am really lucky Chinese takeaway. The main reasons for these choices is mainly because I’m lazy..and done in by Friday teatime. This week however I cooked a roast midweek, and we have leftovers. And I am told its National Pie Week.

So here it is….I have fried some onions, carrots and thyme…Chucked in some wine, added some cornflour and a splash or good old Lee & Perrins.

Now it’s cooled I have added the leftover roast pork, alongside its cider jelly..(Too good to waste) I am going to give it a puff pastry hat and whilst its cooking I shall chuck in some roast potatoes.

I have a naughty Friday rule..We don’t have to have veg…but we can have pudding.and DVDs before bed..oh and a glass of wine.

So Yay for Friday..My lazy day….dinner will be fab or rubbish. If I don’t sink without trace I shall let you know.

Happy Friday and #nationalpieweek

Lots of love

Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

Pie plates..if you need some 🙂

It was one of those nights…


Last night was one of those nights when we had food in the fridge, but after a day of writing about food and cooking, there was no imagination left in my head.

Turns out I create some of my best recipes that way 😀

We started with some cubed pork loin, which had been marinated in vinegar. (It was for a different recipe, but we had some left.)
There was a bottle of cider on the shelf; a couple of apples in the fruit bowl…a lonesome carrot and sweet potato lingering in the bottom of the fridge. The cupboard contained onions. It always does…as a cook I panic if I am onionless.

We chopped the onions and sautéed them, adding half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda to them, to speed up the cooking time. (It was another of those evenings when dinner was meant to be at 9, but was served at 10 oops.)

The pork was then added and cooked quickly to brown the outside. The chopped sweet potato and carrot were quick to follow, then we simply poured in the cider and left to bubble. After half an hour I thickened the sauce with some cornflour and left it to simmer for five minutes more.

My wonderful partner provided his speciality of very mashed, mashed potato.
I may be biased, but it was divine. (The potato was pretty damned good too) I shall make more next time so I can test its freezability.

Dinner by Sky
Mash by Pod

Happy Friday from all @ thesideplate.com

A Hot date with…my griddle pan


It would seem my usual gorgeous Friday date is out gallivanting at a business dinner this evening. I guess I should be jealous. However, I know where he is going. So I’m not :S , or I should be out with the girls. But it’s January and we are all skint…and I am a bit of a homebody when it’s cold outside. (I have a wood burner…its hard to leave).

I also have a secret hiding in the fridge…not wine…. that’s not a secret here…but a delicious dinner, better than any takeaway, maybe as good as a meal out.

I guess you could call it a Yorkshire version of soulvaki; it has been bathing in its little bowl of marinade for 24 hours, and should be almost perfect. When it meets my griddle pan it will form those divine caramelised strips, yet retain its meltingly soft inner…I can almost taste it just thinking about it. Then my char grilled pork will enjoy a rendezvous with freshly made flat bread and a crispy salad. There may be roasted peppers..and an olive or two whilst I cook.

If I get really carried away I might dig out my sandals and sun top…and recreate a little Greek haven just for one…right here under Emley Mast. It’s a long way from sunny Greece…. but a girl can dream cant she?

(I have promised to save some for the wanderer when he returns …it’s going to be a tough promise to keep)

Here’s to a tasty night at home 😀

Happy Friday,

Love Sky @ thesideplate.com


A Famous Five tea…


A Famous Five Tea…

Friday afternoon, and after the first week back at school and work, I think I can safely save we are all feeling knackered (if that’s not too impolite :s). I truly cannot be bothered cooking, but obviously we need something to sustain us through our movie night.

What could be better than a “famous five tea”?

In our house this consists of triangle sandwiches, an assortment of beef, peanut butter and nutella..Not all one sandwich I hope you understand! Sausage rolls, hard boiled eggs, a token apple or two, and cakes made by my daughter…because she watched junior bake off last night and is now practising for “when she is bigger” bless her heart.

It will be eaten on a rug in the lounge…(possibly out of the old picnic hamper that has never been on an actual outdoor picnic as its too big and heavy to carry). Drinks shall be consumed through paper straws, although it may be apple juice for the children.
I shall be enjoying lashings of Fentimans ginger beer!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading..

Sky @ thesideplate.com


My friday fizz



Friday fizz

 I think I deserve a little treat tonight. It is Friday after all, and I am in the mood for a celebration after working all week on my new blog here at www.thesideplate.com . So I have bought myself a bottle of Tesco Cava. Hey we are on a budget here…the champers will have to wait for the book launch. Will let you know if it hit the spot later. Have a wonderful Friday x