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Grumpy??? Not after a coffee.


If you have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting me in a morning, you will know that mornings do not come naturally to me.

I was born an owl and I fear shall always be an owl. Only work and my children necessitate my rising at 8am or before. The only time you will see me joyfully participating in the am hours are the ones that are still attached to the previous evening until about 3am when I am ready to sleep. Maybe I should work a night shift…but having kids makes that tricky. So I try and sleep. Anyway I digress…my point was.if there was ever a coffee with an appropriate name for me it is Grumpy Mule…it is an apt description for myself on a morning.

I have a love hate relationship with coffee. Mainly because most of it doesn’t taste like coffee. The instant drink, in my eyes should be given a different name, as I am yet to find one that has a taste I enjoy. I have graced many a café and restaurant to sample their roasted beans…but alas they tend to fall short, even in the most fabulous eateries. So in a quest for perfection, something similar to the divine cups bought it Italy and France, I purchased a bean to cup coffee machine, and have ground my way through all the top brands and some lesser-known ones.

I can honestly say when I began this quest I did not think I would find the perfect bean in a bag that depicted an amusing mule and a head office in Holmfirth. But the perfect bean I have found. A fantastic range of aromatic and delicious beans are contained in this orange pack of joy. They smell so good I keep a small dish on my desk just to fragrance my workspace. I will not speak to anyone on a morning until I have consumed a cup, and a Mule, albeit a Grumpy one is part of my daily ritual.

How wonderful to find such a wonderful product, carefully delivered so close to home and bearing a name that describes me each morning to a tee.