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I cook when I am happy…

I cook when I am happy…



I’ve missed you…I’ve missed me too.

Life as been a bit crazy with too many stupid things. I now know I cook when I am happy…and struggle when I am not. We have been content with the humdrum..fishfingers..chicken…sausages…pizza…but no pushing of boundries…no getting my Bubs to taste spaghetti carbonara…chicken pie and minestone soup.


Food is a funny thing..If we can find the time and energy to create..sit at a table, eat and chat …then I think to world is a better place.

I am going to put the breadmaker on (not literally lol )…make cannelloni…and venture back into a wonderful world of delights…


keep smiling and thank you for reading

love Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com




Am I over re-acting??? Again


So there I was with my cooking ABC..

Yes we made it to C…chicken on the BBQ ..chocolate eggs..Chinese lol
Then I realised food is just too damn fun, tasty and interesting to get stuck in a list.

We always eat well in the school holidays because we have time..and that kind of shocks me!!

Shouldn’t we always have time for a good breakfast, a leisurely lunch and a dinner that we helped to cook. Is this not important to just about every other aspect in life?? or am I over reacting again??

How can we function if we don’t eat properly? ( I am not preeching..I am the worst culprit). I am just dumbfounded how we don’t put importance on the fuelling of our body and soul. How we aren’t even educated on how to. And how I am conforming and stumbling through life like everyone else I guess.

So I sit myself down and I think, What is important??

Education in life?
Enjoying life and food??

So where do I go from here? Can I make more effort, do we go to bed later…get up earlier…fit fun into life??
Really is this how it works..or do I take a leap..defy convention…rebel now I am 40 lol ?

The truth is I don’t know. I am trying to figure it out. You comments are more than welcome..

Love, hugs and good eating
Sky @ http://www.skybendelow.com


Do I expect too much ?


Ok, I am back in my struggle….with the education system, and how it doesn’t involve food.

What are we without good food?

I want them to cook, grow vegetables….look after the hens. sit at a table and converse…know what food is good for maintaining their bodies, but still delicious. For me, it is just as important for them to be able to care for themselves, and have a zest for life. For me this comes before RE ( don’t get me started) and Henry VIII. I want my children to be full of fun…everyday be involved in exercise, food, reading for the joy of it, art, music…

Apparently I expect too much…

I have removed my children from school dinners, after all their complaints about how the food is rubbish and often under cooked. I originally sent them for dinners in the hope they would eat well and enjoy the social side, plus try new foods. Like so many things, it seems it is more important to digest facts than nourishment. Am I wrong?

I am 40, and have always worked. But I never followed my passions. (Until now.) Nor do I remember much from my education. I am also starting to see the children emerge like butterflies…Only to be trapped in the net of state education.

What do I do…relax, home educate and teach them the beauty of life…..or go with convention, watching there hopes dashed and wondering how they will survive as adults??

Do I expect too much???

I shall go make a cake for us to enjoy after school….and I will see what they think.

love and hugs
Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.comP1020767

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