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A look in the fridge..and two broken eggs…


A look in the fridge and two broken eggs…

So there I was, feeling all summery. The Internet had been down all day through no fault of my own (Pfftt Talktalk..Not impressed. 😦 ). So there was only thing for it..Into the garden to start on some spring sowings, a little lettuce, rocket and few spring onions…. and my usual egg collection.

I love keeping hens. They have now been rounded up into their own lovely patch thanks to the wonderful Mr Odell. So I can enjoy them without them eating my whole garden. We were happy to receive 5 beautiful eggs today, but I was a little careless when I put them in the fridge…not a very interesting story, I will just say I need to sort the fridge so that random packets of bacon don’t jump out when I open the door.
The bacon I caught (luck not judgement) two eggs landed on my floor…almost intact. But with a hairline fracture. Too good to waste…so used them to practise my mayonnaise.

I love mayo, but it has to be good. I keep Hellmann’s in the fridge, and sometimes some posh stuff, but I promise you homemade is so easy and cheap you should try it.

I can never make it with less than two yolks…. I use 300ml of oil…today it was just sunflower, but you can very the taste with olive, or I guess flavoured.

2 yolks and a pinch of salt.
A gentle whisk then start adding the oil a tiny splash at a time. You can be more reckless after the first 100ml.

I usually add a bit more salt and a splash of white wine vinegar or lemon.

It doesn’t take long…two songs on the radio it was done. I may add a little garlic to some of it and save the rest for tomorrow. I have a cabbage and carrots in the fridge…so coleslaw is looking like a favourite at dinner.

Be brave try it. It’s so easy. But you really feel like you have made something special.

(Obviously it contains raw egg so not for elderly, ill or very young people.and whatever other rules we have.)

Happy Whisking..

Love Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com