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Give me some mussel…


Give me some mussel…

What a day, the sunshine brought hope. My beautiful, but fierce daughter brought force a storm; a torrent of lava and upset…. it has passed now but drained a lot of energy. My enigma boy was happy enough, especially when we almost produced real lava with bicarb, vinegar and a model volcano. Then something happened, he forgot to save a computer programme and his world of Aspergers collapsed beyond measure. A favourite pizza refused, not even a crème egg could tempt him…Chloe happily devoured a freddo and cheese and ham toasties…fine until the next saga. (She had grapes and carrot too; I’m not a totally terrible Mother lol)

I have dished out love and hugs, I have tried my best to explain the world, I have coloured pictures, I sadly ended up shouting…’My Bad’ as the kids say…but how far are we pushed as a parent before the Temper frays? I can honestly say I shall never understand how someone can physically harm a child no matter how wrong the day goes.

I bundled them into the car and we had a little quiet time, I stopped for Mussels, French bread, parsley…I have chorizo, garlic and wine in the fridge. It will be a quiet reward for my testing day. My easy, but soul restoring supper.

Nearly bath time and bed..YAY
Love from a very Knackered Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

Valentines Day is fast approaching…What to cook?


Valentines Day is fast approaching…

Now I’m a bit of a grump on Valentines Day I will be honest. Not because I don’t have a boyfriend..I do. Honest. But I think its commercialism has kind of ruined it. When you walk into a supermarket overrun with heart shaped cushions and cheap roses, well I kind of think it loses it touch…but obviously millions disagree.

So for my love and I, we will honour the tradition with a good dinner…because any excuse to celebrate round my table is always welcome. (Note to my Love…please bring wine.)

The dilemma of what to cook..

Should I go twee with a pink shrimp cocktail, a champagne risotto, and heart shaped chocolate cakes?

I could go sinister with cured spicy sausages, casserole of heart and devils food cake, however I would quite like him to stay in my life not run screaming from the kitchen.

I think I will play it safe…. He is a keeper after all, and go for the most romantic style of eating I can think of. Sharing food, a plate of steaming mussels cooked in white wine and garlic, followed by tiny bowls of olives, chorizo, fresh baked bread, new potatoes and homemade mayonnaise. Will we want pudding after that? Well there’s always room for pudding isn’t there? Maybe just a little chocolate mousse laced with brandy. It is a celebration after all 😀

Happy eating and thanks for reading

Love Sky @ http://www.thesideplate.com

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