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Happiness Day…all the best moments involve food :)


It may just because I am a foodie type person, or it may be the same for everyone, I don’t know.
A lot of my happiness moments relate to food.

Birthdays and Christmas obviously.
Sundays with dinner.
Meals out.
Secret takeaways in.
Picnics, on sunny day, in the car on wet ones.
(I confess one in a blue moon I get myself a happy meal).
fish and chips eaten out of the paper…ohhh and a bag of cockles and vinegar eaten by the sea.
Spaghetti carbonara..I ate a lot of this to cheer me up after a breakup. It worked.
Mr whippy ice-cream with a flake.
pudding and custard.
Cream teas
Ploughmans lunches.
Potatoes cooking in the fire.
hot chestnuts that burn your fingers.
pomegranates eaten with a pin.
Corn on the cob with butter dribbling down your chin.

What wonderful memories, that still make me happy.

Happy happiness day…I hope its good for you 🙂
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