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An afternoon fruit and cheese plate…


An afternoon fruit and cheese plate…

I am trying to improve my eating habits and get more organised. (Obviously not enough to take a photo lol) So today when we came home from school, and after I had been out all afternoon I decide to head off our tired and hungry melodramas with a grab and go food plate.

We eat the token fruit and veg, I get the kids to eat their 5 a day..But I am trying to form new habits….

So my new little ritual is to prepare some fruit and a few chunks of cheese (and some sneaky chocolate buttons to motivate us). A dish of bread sticks and dip.

It went down well…they still wanted crisps…but they had some fruit first…. baby steps.

It was good for me…and I am now making dinner, there are no frantic requests for snacks…we are just chilling, I am making dinner but there is no rush. I might even get them bathed before we eat…a nice slow evening with the minimum of moaning. I can worry less about arguing over how many peas they eat at dinner. I can worry less over how many peas I eat at dinner 🙂 .

It may all go downhill later. But for now we are happy, we can try new foods without a battle, they are just there to try. If they are hungry they will try or they can wait until dinner, it is their choice

I feel less pressure to make an effort at dinner lol. We are having chicken, sausage, green beans and mash. I made cookies for supper.

Somehow it all feels easier. I love the new sharing plate J

Happy eating, thanks for reading

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