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WOW…what a weekend


Wow …what a weekend

I guess the best weekends are always the unplanned. I must admit, when it gets to this time of year, I find it very easy to hibernate. I stay in …grab the blankets, a bottle of wine…a DVD if I can keep awake. And that’s about it…but this weekend we decided on adventure.

The original restaurant we graced wasn’t interested in our custom apparently. So we kept walking and remembered what great feedback we had heard about the Mews hotel in Ossett,   …so with a skip in our step and our fingers crossed we paid them a visit and prayed for a table…. I will post the review tomorrow.

Just in case we hadn’t gained enough pounds that evening, Saturday morning came and we embarked on a journey to in Toto kitchens in York to sample some of the Yorkshire pudds delights. I shall scribe the delights in detail on my next blog. It has been a fabulous weekend of good eating. And so I shall roll myself to bed …love from a very full…www.thesideplate.com x