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Blimey….where have I been….?

Blimey….where have I been….?

I cannot believe it has been so long so I posted a blog for you….I did sneak off and do a little writing elsewhere, plus a few major life changes….but here I am …I’m back….still cooking, still me, still spending too  much money on food.

Living in a place where I now have ready access to food shops, markets and off course online delivery, I have gone crazy….It’s got to stop, because I’m skint…and it’s a waste.

So let’s still cook, we can still have treats..and the occasional flash meal (haha…who am I kidding, I mean free range chicken.) But I do need to stop feeding the compost heap with veggies that were too cheap not to buy, then die a  slow death in my veg rack. I need to wake up and smell the brocolli (sorry). I need to realise I do not have the time or energy to make cauliflower cheese from scratch in the middle of the week. It is not realistic to cook a meal that takes 3 hours to cook on a week night unless we want to eat it as a midnight feast.  There are 27..yes 27 open bottles and jars of random ingredients in my fridge!!

So tonight, tonight is lucky dip night……I will not shop…but I will cook, I just need to decide what…….hopefully I will let you know…..or I might disappear for another couple of years, distracted whilst wading through my collection of dusty packages and tins of chickpeas….

It feels good to be back 🙂

love and savoury hugs

Sky x