There is something special about lunch with a friend. Not a grab a sandwich type of lunch, but a sneaky long lunch that starts at midday, and only ends when you have to collect the kids and make them dinner. The kind of lunch that makes you feel like you are bunking off school (not that I would have ever done such a thing) A lunch where you can gently put the world to rights whilst consuming something delicious that you didn’t have to make yourself.

I had never eaten at The Sun inn, Flockton, Wakefield, before…despite it being stones throw from home, but as I needed to be close by this afternoon, we took a stroll to see what they could offer.

What can I say? I will be honest I wasn’t expecting much, if I had been served a decent sandwich and a cheeky glass of vino, I would have been happy.

I was thrilled by the warm welcome we received In this modern day it is always lovely to feel that your custom is welcomed, and welcomed we were. A roaring fire,friendly staff and some cheery Christmas music. I was already happy that we had stopped by.

I would have been pleased to have been served a decent sandwich, however as our cheery host showed us to our table, we were told if we required anything from the evening menu, the chef would be happy to oblige.

Everything sounded delicious, but when confronted with Confit duck with Dauphinois potatoes nothing else stood a chance of selection. And oh my, what a choice.

The duck melted in my mouth, the potatoes…. well suddenly I knew why Dauphinois had been created, this was a gratin like I had never devoured before, rich, creamy, soft and with just a hint of thyme. I was in heaven. The vegetables that were served alongside this wondrous creation…well I actually ate them. (Please don’t tell my children I don’t generally eat my veggies when they aren’t there to watch.) They were tasty and cooked to perfection…the veggies not the children.

I will be totally frank with you, I am not sure what my good friend ordered, it was something vegetarian so I lost interest after that, however it did look wonderful, and by the noises of appreciation, and the fact that we both left very clean plates says everything about her choice too.

Will we go back? Oh yes.

Could it have been better? Only if the coffee had been a little hotter and in bigger cups…but the mints, sugar and tiny pot of cream that came with it were a delight in themselves.

Would I recommend it? I certainly would, I can only assume it was quiet because of the lack of publicity or the time of year, so everyone else was out shopping. Make time to visit. It was delicious.

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